Kindle for Blogs

Kindle, the popular e-book reader from, can now be used to read blogs as well. Amazon has announced that the Kindle Publishing for blogs, which means that we now have an additional platform for our blogs. According to Kindle blogs have the following features: Kindle Blogs are auto-delivered wirelessly to the Kindle and […]

Microblogging or Good Old Traditional Blogs

The rise of Twitter, the most popular microblogging site nowadays, has of course helped microblogging itself come a long way – from mere short posts to get in touch businesses and organizations has found ways and is continuing to find ways to make use of and benefit from microblogging. But what is microblogging and how […]

Guest Blog Your Way to More Readers and Links

I have done a few posts on guest blogging. Other bloggers here in blog-tutorials like Jaren and Guru have also posted about the same topic. However, the usual focus is on the benefits of having a guest blogger, with the most obvious being helping you out when you’re in a rut or need to take […]

Shifting from Full to Partial Feeds: A Huge Mistake

I have nothing against partial feeds. In fact, I personally recommend partial feeds in some cases such as blogs that post very frequently (more than once a day every single day). Partial feeds are useful in cases like these since subscribers will likely not really be interested in reading every single post and will find […]

Tags for Traffic

Want to increase traffic to your blog? I suggest you start tagging your entries. So what are tags exactly? In the blogging sense tags are simply word(s) you use to help classify/categorize your blog entry. For example since this post is about blogs promotion I can tag this as “blog promotion.” Since I’ll also mention […]

The Wonders of Multiply

I have made quite a few discoveries since my last appearance on the blogosphere, and one of them is the beauty of blogging on To the uninitiated, is a social networking blog community that offers much more than an avenue for bloggers to converge and converse, while also offering file hosting services, all […]