Guest Posting / Guest Blogging

A simple and useful tactic to get new, fresh readers is to do a guest post on your friend, colleague, relative’s blog or even blogger that you know personally first because you have to prove your worth and build up your online reputation before you can guest post at other blog sites. This is a […]

Duplicate Contents

Duplicate Contents : it has its advantages it also has its share of disadvantages. Duplicate contents and cross posts, it give us benefits such as cutting down our work to half, increased chances of our posts being read, and our favorite subject doubles or even triples our chances of earning money. I can’t lie, I’ve […]

More Blog Marketing Ideas

Continuation of Blog Marketing Ideas 4. Join Memes – Blog chockful of memes can be iriitating to some readers but meme communities are usually very large and generate tons of traffic. Memes are also great for fillers especially when you don’t really feel like blogging that day. Of course since memes topics are given the […]

Benefiting from Article Syndication

Though article syndication is not that encouraged anymore and is even viewed by many as totally not worth the effort, there are still some advantages one can get by submitting articles. Note though that for article syndication to be beneficial you should heed the following advice: 1. Write great articles – As always content is […]

The Fall of Article Directories

One way you can promote your blog is by submitting articles to article directories. However, this method might not do much good for your blog or website. A few years back submitting an article to ezinearticles or some other big article directory did wonders for ones page rank. However, anyone who’s been using this technique […]

Cheats To Get More Blog Subscribers

Blog visitors who love your website might want to receive regular updates. Might as well put an RSS subscription system. Luckily, most blogs (like WordPress) already have this built-in. You could also sign up to a feeds manager like feedburner for this and display a feeds stats counter. Your feed stats counter shows the live […]