Surveying Facts and Generating Points of Interests

For bloggers who want to make an impact, thinking of what to write about can be easily done by doing the preliminary research and studies with regards to the common interests and needs of people using the Internet today. The hits of an article or blog entry would depend on their relation towards such queries. […]

Bloggin about Special Holidays and Occassions

Bloggers would normally think of various ways to write about topics related towards seasonal celebrations such as Christmas and Valentines Day. Reason being is that people would love to know the thoughts and seek advice on certain areas such as things they can do, gifts to buy or special offers that they can possibly consider. […]

Video Blogging and Podcasts Today

Blogging is not primarily focused on purely writing. Bloggers can resort to photo blogs and video blogs as well, two elements that are widely in demand as well today. Vlogging has garnered headway from recent years, most of it coming from the incremental and large demand for video podcasting and downloads towards iPod video devices […]

Blogging with Dedication to Genre

For newbie bloggers, it is best to lay focus first on one blog site before entertaining thoughts of putting up other site of another subject matter. Such an occurrence in the mind of any person would only be normal but chances are, the first blog would be left behind. Developing and building the first blog […]

Using Supplementary Images to Spice Up Your Blog

Blogging is not purely about writing. It is about effectively expressing what a person wants to get across. While not really a requirement, images and photos help viewer to get the immediate or initial idea of what the blog entry wants to expound on. More and more bloggers today either borrow, link or upload their […]

On Making Citations from Borrowed Phrases and Words

Most of the ideas that bloggers would use to be able to create essential and sensible blog entries would originate from a past or present article/post. It maybe even something that was mentioned by word of mouth. Information or expounding on certain topics ideally originate from these things and thus due recognition and citations to […]