How To Approach Blogging

Blogging is as easy as pie. It doesn’t really take much effort for anyone to maintain a blog as long as the interest is there. The criteria for this kind of assumption is the fact that to be able to be the best in blogging, a person needs to understand that comfort is an essential […]

Why Publish Feeds?

Ever wonder what those “RSS” icons are for, and what is RSS in the first place? Well RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication” or “Rich Site Summary.” Here are some basic reasons behind publishing RSS feeds. You may recognize the universal feed icon or these “chicklets” from your favorite Web sites, blogs and podcasts. These […]

Burning RSS Feeds the FeedBurner Way

If you have a Web site, blog, audio/video content or even photos, you can offer a feed of your content as an option. If you are using a popular blogging platform or publishing tool like TypePad, WordPress or Blogger, you likely publish a feed automatically. Even other, non-blogging sites like social photo-sharing service Flickr offer […]

RSS – Blog Reading Made Easy

If you want to browse and subscribe to feeds, you have many choices. Today, there are more than 2,000 different feed reading applications, also known as “news aggregators” (for text, mostly) or “podcatchers” (for podcasts). There are even readers that work exclusively on mobile devices. Some require a small purchase price but are tops for […]