Rookie Bloggers Can Pull Off Suprises

For people who are getting their first taste of actual blogging, a lot would be surprised at their production, even perhaps the rookie blogger himself. Blogging is not a sophisticated job but rather easy as saying “Hello”. A new term for freestyle writing today, blogging has enticed a lot of people to take it up, […]

Bloggin about Special Holidays and Occassions

Bloggers would normally think of various ways to write about topics related towards seasonal celebrations such as Christmas and Valentines Day. Reason being is that people would love to know the thoughts and seek advice on certain areas such as things they can do, gifts to buy or special offers that they can possibly consider. […]

Choosing Your Blog Layout

Aside from quality content, the overall presentation is also important such as the blog layout and theme chosen. In most cases, the default schemes offered would be the first ones shown. While various blog themes catering towards that of WordPress are being developed continuously, bloggers would still prefer free themes at first. Colors, schemes, layouts […]

The Cue from Free Blogging Sites

The best way for a person to understand on how to go about the art of blogging is to go over some sites firsthand. Studying the methods and tactics of each blog will somehow build a well-rounded idea on how blogging can become beneficial to people, not only in the financial aspect of earning through […]

Using Supplementary Images to Spice Up Your Blog

Blogging is not purely about writing. It is about effectively expressing what a person wants to get across. While not really a requirement, images and photos help viewer to get the immediate or initial idea of what the blog entry wants to expound on. More and more bloggers today either borrow, link or upload their […]

Embedding Pictures and Videos on your Blog

      The trend today is to place enhancements such as music, pictures and videos to provide another form of entertainment to catch a reader’s attention. Videos have been the new fad that most people have added to their usual entries and such has truly made blog sites more appealing to date. The more […]