WordPress Installation Tip: Slipstreaming

Avid WordPress users and pro-bloggers using the popular open-source CMS (most popular, arguably) would probably agree with me that setting up WordPress is very easy, with its famous five-minute install (usually even less, actually). But factor in the likelihood that you’ll be installing new themes, customizations, and several plugins, and these five minutes quickly turn […]

Adding Google Gadgets to your blog

The Bloggy Widgets blog has an interesting blog entry about Google Gadgets. Are you a fan of Google? It’s a really cool company. Aside from the really fantastic search engine, they also gave us ways to make blogging and earning from blogging quite easy with AdSense. The widgets they showcase are really nifty and cool. […]

Modifying your sidebar contents

Sometimes you just can’t help but notice some things on your theme’s sidebar. Sometimes you do not really like the order of the information which could be found on your sidebar. Or maybe you would like to add or remove some things. Let us look back on the White as Milk theme. There is a […]

Checking out style.css on your WordPress blog

If you have a WordPress blog, you could easily customize it and look like a pro 😉 You have to know where to look and what to tweak. Today let’s take a quick look at the style.css file of your WordPress theme. How to locate your style.css file From the Dashboard go click Presentation then […]

Tweaking your WordPress layout (intro)

WordPress theme hacking is quite fun. You could experiment with so many things like CSS and images. You would like to customize your blog in such a way that it does not look overdone. You could strike a balance in how you decorate your blog. Or accessorizing if you like putting widgets😉 Of images and […]

Having an offline copy of WordPress

If you have a blog powered by WordPress, don’t you wish that sometimes you could play around with the layout? Or maybe test some plugins somewhere just to make sure they would be fine before you put them up on your blog. Maybe you’re a problogger wannabe and you would like to improve your blogging […]