Creating your home.php quite easily on WordPress

If you have been thinking of using WordPress as a CMS aside from a blog, or if you just want a static front page on your blog, it’s not difficult. There are actually at least two easy ways to go about this. Method 1: You could try using plugins for the job. One of them […]

WordPress themes: A gentle introduction

If you are a WordPress user, you could definitely have a lot of fun playing around with the themes so you could change the way it looks. If you haven’t tried it, let me tell you some things about it. Changing WordPress themes If you have a account, you can choose from the different […]

To use widgets or to not use them

WordPress users have the option to use widgets. These are nice to use because from the Admin panel, you could play around with the sidebar’s components. Your WordPress blog is a really interesting thing to play with. You have so many options. There are themes that you could choose from online and you could tweak […]

Themes on your blog and making sure they work

Using themes and templates on your blog could be fun. You get to experiment on what your blog will say about you in terms of its style and colors. There are many themes and templates to choose from. There are other things to consider though. One of them is that they work. Here are some […]

Blog theme frenzy on WordPress

Do you have a Word Press blog that is hosted on your host? Are you tired of the way it looks? There is no need to fret. After all, there are blog themes free for the taking. What are themes? These are the things you have to customize the way you blog looks. It is […]

Welcome To Blog Tutorials!

Everyone is talking about them… how do you get in on the act? This will be a “no frills” blog, giving you all the info that you will need to create your own blog and make it a successful one. And for those who already know the basics, we’ll be helping you take it to […]