Blogging IS Writing

Blogging is often taken as informal writing. While this may be true, it does not mean that it is okay for a blogger to disregard writing rules. It’s bad enough that Internet sources are not considered as scholarly, and it’s worse that there are sites that prove it right – because of poorly written articles. […]

Current Events Inspire Expressive Bloggers

Reading the daily newspapers, magazines and tabloids or simply browsing the websites of latest current events worldwide can ignite juicy blog entries. Paired with the talent to transform such entries into creative and informative content will not only be appreciated by most but may eventually used as a means for reference by other people who […]

Initialisms DUH?

We live in an SMS world nowadays. Everywhere you go you’ll see people on their phones – not making calls, but texting. With the popularity of texting (and chatting) it is no wonder that initialism has boomed. If you’re wondering what initialism means it is simply abbreviating phrases by using the first letter of each […]

When Blogging turns into Leeching

Sometime in our desperate search to find awesome ideas to accompany our awesome post, we get excited or emotions fly away as we care about nothing but our goal, to blog, to get that idea out of our small little head, sometimes we look for articles or blog posts to back up our post, sometimes […]

Plain Wording and SEO

In my last post I talked about the importance of targeting your niche market by using more specific keywords. By using specific terms instead of just generic ones you are able to get more traffic from search users that these terms bring. In Mark Jackson’s article on “Optimizing Pages for New and Improved Search Engine […]

Changing Your WordPress Permalinks

When I’m opening a WordPress blog (I’ve done so a dozen or more times), one of the first things I do is to change the permalink structure. “Permalink” (a portmanteau of “permanent” and “link”) means the URL or web address of your blog posts, pages, categories, archives, and so on. When you install a WordPress […]