Don’t be a splogger

There are times when people might be tempted to try different things with their blogs. With the number of feeds available on the Internet, it’s so easy to actually take them and use them on your own blog. There are people who put up blogs so they could earn. After all, with contextual ads on […]

Feed yourself

Bloggers interact with each other and this could be done directly by commenting on each others’ blog entries or maybe even trackbacks. In any case, it would be great to know what people have been talking about without having to go to their sites immediately. You could do this if you are subscribed to blog […]

Tweaking your WordPress layout (intro)

WordPress theme hacking is quite fun. You could experiment with so many things like CSS and images. You would like to customize your blog in such a way that it does not look overdone. You could strike a balance in how you decorate your blog. Or accessorizing if you like putting widgets😉 Of images and […]


Mobile blogging is not new, but it’s only recently that it really took off. Thanks to better cameraphone resolutions, improved interconnectivity and optional peripherals like qwerty keyboards to help you type, blogging using your phone has never been easier. Moblogging is a great option for those who travel around and want to share their experiences […]

Starting a Group Blog

If you have a group of friends and you would like to keep in touch with each other and have other people know what you have been up to and what you have been learning? You could actually try making a group blog. Whether you are all in the same neighborhood or far away from […]

Group Blog Dynamics

Starting a group blog is not that difficult. Especially if there is automatically two of you who have started it. Sometimes a small group, like that of two or three people will suffice. You don”t have to have a big network in order to start a group blog. You need at least two or three […]