Should You Edit Your Post Or Write A New One?

Imagine this scenario – you just wrote and published an entry for your blog. An hour or two later, you get a notification e-mail that a comment for that entry has been posted. Naturally, you excitedly look at your blog and see what your reader (or readers, for that matter) has to say. Sometimes, you […]

Make the Most Out of Post Series – Don’ts

In the last couple of posts, we focused on practical things that you should do when writing a series of posts for your blog. Now, to end this series, let’s look at some points which you should avoid when writing your own series. There are actually only two things that I would like to highlight. […]

Check Google Analytics and Feedburner Reports on your WordPress Blog

I’m addicted to checking my Google Analytics Stats and My Feedburner Reports and I mean really addicted I check it whenever I have free time just to see If I made any difference. I know It’s time consuming but with this Plugin you can actually do it with ease. I want a quicker way to […]

Make the Most Out of Post Series – Dos

So you want to keep your readers coming back for more, do you? There are many ways by which you can achieve this result but for now, we are focusing on creating post series so that you can induce your readers to continue following the series and thus, keep checking your blog. Here are some […]

Blog Monetization Trends and How You Can Duplicate These 2: US and European Blog Scene

While we are on the subject of blogging trends and how you can maximize earning from your blogs, I just want to share my observations on the blogging scene in the US and Europe, as I’ve seen so far. Locally, blogs are not regarded as an authoritative source of information. On the contrary, in the […]

Information Burn Can Kill Your Blog

With the trend of blogging rising at its peak, because of the trend towards the ease of blogging with tools, blogging software, plugins, themes and more importantly information. It’s easy to get information just by browsing on blogs and sites, search for information using search engines and such. But with so many blogs out there […]