How to Gather Factual and Supporting Information for Blog Sites

Bloggers often narrate factual events rather than bookish type of posts. The entries in their blogs would usually be stressed in a freestyle manner, according to what the author really believes in. But of course, the need to have solid references and citations from phrases or even paragraphs borrowed will help make the entire entry […]

Blog Therapy: Issues from the Mind

Nowadays, anyone can start his or her own blog focusing on certain topics or simply voicing out their experiences and their beliefs at their own will. Ideally, people would use blogs as their outlet for being able to voice out issues and setbacks in life, concentrating more on lifestyle and personal literary works. There are […]

Discipline in Blogging

Blogging requires a bit of discipline. What? Yes, you read that right. It takes discipline. Think about it this way. It’s like running your own newspaper or magazine. Unless you are mainly blogging so that you could have a way to let out your emotions. As if blogging is writing a personal journal. But not […]

Blog writing tip: Do some exercises!

Need to get into the groove of blogging? Get some exercises! Writing prompts. Do you have a set of Icebreaker cards? Time to bring them out and randomly answer them on your blog. At least you have several questions to choose from. If you are not comfortable with disclosing very personal information about you, start […]

Letting the words flow

Writer’s block keeping you from blogging? Maybe you’ve grown to fear that blinking cursor at the beginning of the white screen? NaNoWriMo might be the key to get you writing! November 1 is the start of the madness and mayhem associated with the National Novel Writing Month. NaNoWriMo is an ultimate writing exercise for quantity […]

Blogger Essentials: The Write Stuff

Bloggers are responsible for the words that they post on their respective blogs. The thing is that sometimes you could be quite forgetful or too preoccupied to correct your grammar. In any case, you could refer to these writerly stuff on the Internet so that your message will be clear to everyone reading your blog. […]