Blogger Essentials: The Write Stuff

writingBloggers are responsible for the words that they post on their respective blogs. The thing is that sometimes you could be quite forgetful or too preoccupied to correct your grammar. In any case, you could refer to these writerly stuff on the Internet so that your message will be clear to everyone reading your blog.
It is evidently a spellchecker. You might say that your favorite word processing software has a spellcheck function. However, there are times that you might be typing directly on your blog entry text box and as you are online anyway, it is easy to fire up a window for you to browse the site. Just copy and paste the text you would like to check for spelling errors and you’d get the word count and the recommended spelling for each word it would find questionable. Hmmm… I wonder if there is such a widget for WordPress!

OWL Sites
If you need references, you definitely should go to the OWL family of sites. The Online Writing Lab is a very useful resource for writers. Whatever tone you are using on your blog, you could get so much information and tips from it. If you have a resume you want to share online, via a blog entry of yours, you could check out this page for the particulars.

Grammar Guides
This is a collection of links to the various references you could have when it comes to using English. Note that some the links here may not lead anywhere, due to linkrot.

These are only some of the essential writerly stuff you might need as you blog. If you have some essentials to share with the rest of us, please feel free to drop a line. Let us share all these things so we could be better bloggers!


Originally posted on October 18, 2006 @ 1:16 am