Adding Interest to your Blog: Images and Multi-media Content

Though I rarely add images in my posts here and have lots of pure text entries, it is actually advisable to occasionally add other elements to your blog posts to keep it more interesting. Remember you do not want one time readers only but want to get people to keep on returning. Making sure that your blog is pleasing to the eye (and never ending long lines of text is definitely NOT pleasing to the eye) is one way to make the blog more interesting and worth checking out regularly. So what are the things you should insert in your post every now and then?

  • images
  • charts
  • graphs
  • multi-media content
  • interactive elements

Note that adding these should not be your goal but you should always only add any of the above elements when they will really increase the worth of the post. Graphs and charts are especially useful if you are presenting data since data in paragraph form is just too dull and hard to read. Make sure you give condensed version in your blog post though and don’t end up posting a relly long table full off figures. If the full data is useful you can provide a link to a downloadable PDF file or a link to another page containing the full chart. For multi-media content try to keep file size to a minimum to prevent problems with downloading. Use formats that do not require readers to install stuff on their browser if possible. For those that are not interested in adding the above elements what you can do is format the text to make it look as pleasing as possible. On my next post I will be giving some formatting tips.

Originally posted on March 24, 2011 @ 11:29 pm