What First Impression Does Your Blog Give Off?

First impressions last, or so they say. To be fair, first impressions do not always stand the test of time. There are times when first impressions are false and perceptions change through time. But then again, when talking about your blog and new readers, would you take the risk of not converting a first time visitor to a returning one merely because of a so so first impression? I thought not.

So, have you taken a look at your blog lately? I mean really LOOK – from an outsider’s point of view. What impression does it give off? If you cannot answer that objectively, you might want to take on the help of other people who would be able to give you constructive criticism.

When doing so, try to look at a few important points.

Does your blog layout look messy?
Does it seem like the elements were put together hastily? Try to determine whether this is what other people see and if so, do something about. Trim your blog, clean it up – do whatever you need to get a tight look.

Does your blog look spammy?
Messy I can still take. But at the first signs of spamminess, casino online I pack my bags and hit the high road – and I bet a lot of other people do so as well. Choose your ads tastefully and place them in strategic locations without sacrificing the essence of your blog.

Does your blog look too plain?
This might be a matter of preference but I think that there are a lot of readers out there who would like to have some visual aids complementing the text. If you find your blog looking like a 1000-page novel, it might be prudent to consider adding splashes of color and photos here and there.

These may seem trivial to some but they can make a difference as to whether or not someone decides to return and pay you another visit.

Originally posted on April 13, 2011 @ 1:59 pm