PageLines – An Overview

PageLines provide WordPress themes allowing business people to create their own, professional looking web sites without the need for knowledge of codes. The provided templates are easy to use and brand new, custom built web sites complete with advanced functionality can be created in seconds.

Platform Drag and Drop Design Framework for WordPress

Once the site is created, design elements and content can be rearranged to suit individual requirements via the drag and drop control. Users are able to choose from a variety of layout and design modes, as well as adding advanced features, such as forums, with just a couple of clicks. The advantages of using PageLines themes sum up as follows:

– Availability of both free and pay versions for each template

– The product is easy to install

– Themes are easy to use and require no previous knowledge of web design

– The site provides demos for each template

– Templates are completely customisable – ensuring uniqueness

– Each theme has multiple design/ layout modes

– Drag and drop controls for design and layout

– Templates include integrated networking and forum tools (bbPress/ BuddyPress)

PageLines themes for WordPress provide the clean, professional look necessary for any business web site. Whether used by complete beginners or experienced professionals, the themes will do exactly what is required by the user. Currently available themes are PlatformPro, EcoPro, StationPro 3, iBlogPro4, WhiteHousePro3 and the most recent PlatformPro 1.3 upgrade of PlatformPro. Whichever theme is chosen, it will provide exactly what is needed without fuss and at reasonable cost.

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Originally posted on May 26, 2011 @ 4:17 am