Start the Year With a Simple Blog Design

It’s the start of the new year and maybe it’s time for a change in your blog theme. In my opinion, starting this year of blogging with a new theme, can definitely work wonders to your blog. Now is the time to do away with the clutter and start simplifying your blog. By removing some of your ads, doing away with some of the badges, plugins you have. The more simple your blog looks like the better. When I look a blogs that have too much clutter (full of widgets, graphics, buttons, ads) I immediately get turned off even if they have something to offer, but there’s nothing wrong with widgets, graphics, buttons,and ads just not too much. It makes your blog look like a supermarket, by keeping it simple readers are more focused on reading the articles/posts, information you have to offer.

Originally posted on December 27, 2007 @ 10:00 am