What Should I (Not) Write About: Topics in an Oversaturated Market

Last time I mentioned how important choosing a topic is. I also mentioned that on my next post, which is this one, I’ll be discussing how to find a blog theme that suits you. However, after having reread an old blog post on Blogging in an Oversaturated Market I realized that summarizing the flowchart he gave on whether you have what it takes to blog about certain topics will be more useful.

According to Randfish of SEOmoz there are certain topics that your should NOT even consider blogging unless you pass certain requirements. So before I start explaining when it is that you can write about these certain topics let me enumerate the topics one shouldn’t blog about. These topics include:

    Internet marketing
    Celebrity Gossip

For new bloggers you might be wondering why the list all seems to be really interesting and popular topics. But that is just the point. All the topics listed above are so popular that as a new blogger, if your motive is to have one of the top blogs around whether in terms of traffic volume or money generation, blogging about such popular topics will almost ensure that you won’t achieve your goal. Note too that blogging about a topic that isn’t on the list above will automatically ensure that your blog will be a success. On my next post I will explain when it is that you SHOULD continue with your new blog even if it revolves around topics in an oversaturated market like the topics above.

Originally posted on December 14, 2007 @ 11:17 pm