Should You Give Up Your Day Job to Blog?

It is very easy to be dazzled by all the stories of people who are supposed to be earning so much from blogging. So dazzled in fact that many believe that blogging is so lucrative and easy to do that they can leave their day jobs without much thought. Many end up regretting their decision and paying for the mistake dearly in terms of the financial aspect.

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Earning Opportunities in Blogging

There are earning opportunities in blogging and that is a fact. Compared to a day job however, it cannot immediately offer a fixed amount which one can count as earnings on a monthly basis. In truth, there is a very big possibility that blog earning will be non-existent at the start.

Even for people who have been blogging for quite some time, the amount of earnings is never fixed since opportunities can come and go. There are bound to be very productive periods in the same way that there can be lean days. Unless a blogger has an existing contract for a fixed period and based on fixed compensation with another person or a company, there is really nothing definite when it comes to blog earnings.

Is it Time to Leave Your Job?

For people who have gained consistent and sufficient earnings from blogging, the question of leaving a day job will always come up. As people earn more from blogging, the more they think of what other possibilities lie before them if they had all the time to dedicate to blogging. Thus, leaving the job is always a critical issue.

The answer to the question lies behind these considerations: Is the source of earning stable enough to warrant confidence for continuous income? Is it understood that there is a possibility that income may experience a rise or dip depending on the available opportunities? Is the part with regards to working hard and aiming always for quality acceptable to the blogger? There are many other questions that may arise but they will all point out to one main question: Is the blogger prepared to do what it takes to bring his or her blog to a level that warrants earning and would he or want to do it? If a blogger sees these as acceptable scenarios, then leaving a day job to concentrate on blogging as a job is a possibility.

Blogging is an excellent job to do. It combines learning and earning in one productive task. To be able to earn convincingly however, much work has to be done.


Originally posted on April 30, 2013 @ 5:28 am