More On Paid Posts: PayPerPost

We have to face it – blogging is a good way of making a little money here and there. Though there are some people who see posting paid entries as unethical or unacceptable, this practice has a strong following. If you do not agree with paid posts, that is totally find with me. For those who do agree or who are interested in them, then this entry is for you. There are now many different companies online which offer paid posting programs. If you are just getting started, which ones should you try out? After all, there is no guarantee that a certain group is reliable and not merely a scam (yes, there are scams out there). I think the most popular platform at the moment is PayPerPost. They are part of the IZEA company and – don’t quote me on this – have been around the longest. They are also among the most reliable platforms in existence. How does PayPerPost work? A blogger has to create an account and then submit a blog. They have a panel which reviews blogs to see if they meet the set criteria. They base approval on things like the age of the blog, its traffic, its number of posts, and so on. Once your blog gets approved, you can accept opportunities and get paid for them. At present, you can qualify for opportunities based on your PageRank (yes it still matters), location, blog category, and so on. The amount for each post ranges from $5 to more than $100. Not bad, eh?

Originally posted on September 20, 2008 @ 4:57 pm