Learning SEO: A Continuous Process

The thing about SEO and anything to do with computers and the internet is that the industry they belong to is such a a vibrant one so that it evolves so fast. Search engines continuously refine their algorithm and look for ways to improve search and as they evolve ways of optimising websites and blogs also change. This doesn’t mean that the basics of SEO no longer apply. What this only means is that reading an article or book on SEO this month and really understanding what it means and even applying the sound SEO principles on your own site/blog means that that sire/blog can still be considered fully optimised a year from. In fact even just a few months (or even weeks) later minor changes might be in order to ensure you accommodate any new developments in search.

When learning about SEO you cannot just rest easy knowing you are updated right now, because with the rapidity of new information springing up all over the internet you really do have to exert effort to keep updated. Keeping updated doesn’t mean having to know everything but knowing at least everything that’s really important. As for me the best way to keep updated about new developments in SEO is still by subscribing to SEO blogs and looking out for SEO news. You don’t have to read everything but usually a quick scan of new posts will reveal important new trends, which are the only ones you really need to read about and follow.

Originally posted on January 12, 2008 @ 3:26 pm