Blog SEO: Keyword Tools (WordTracker)

One of my all time favourite keyword tool to use is WordTracker. I used it before I even discovered Google Keyword Tool and continue to use it whenever I need a good analysis of keywords. Note though that when I talk about Wordtracker I am not referring to their Free Keyword Suggestion Toolbecause quite frankly that one sucks. It is good for giving you a list of alternative keywords but beyond that you will almost get nothing from it. Here’s an example of what you’ll get from the free keyword suggestion tool.

Wordtracker Free Keyword Suggestion Tool

To be fair though it IS just a keyword suggestion tool and does not claim to be an analysis tool.

The full-blown WordTracker Keyword Tool on the other hand, is really really good. In fact even if you just subscribe for the 7-day free trial you will already get pretty good service. So what are the things I like about WordTracker?

1. It gives very good keyword suggestions.
2. You can choose among the keywords it suggested.
3. Further analysis of the suggested keywords are made.
4. Analysis results will give you a quantitative way to determine whether the keyword is competitive or not. This is done by using a formula to compute for the ratio between the popularity of the search term and the number of sites competing for that search term.

What this means is that WordTracker is a good keyword tool that will help you find keywords not only based on popularity of the search terms but will also help you find good keywords that are more specific, which is good for those with a tight niche audience.

Important Reminder: If you try the 7-day free trial and do not want to continue using WordTracker do not forget to UNSUBSCRIBE because you will be automatically be billed for their monthly plan if you do not.

Originally posted on March 20, 2008 @ 6:43 pm