Learning SEO: Beyond Looking (Conferences and Experience)

We know that reading isn’t the only way to learn things. Aside from relying on obvious resources like books and blogs two great SEO resources someone serious about learning all about SEO should never overlook are SEO conferences and hands-on experience.

SEO is so popular nowadays that where ever you live there is likely an SEO conference held at least once a year near your place. Do not miss the chance of learning from SEO experts. Just like in life listening to advice is the smart thing to do. Attend as many SEO conferences and expos as you can, even the smaller ones. You do not have to save up to fly to another country to attend an international expo but can simply attend a small conference or even help organize a small one. Even if you have advanced knowledge in SEO you can still learn from attending in conferences whether from the actual talks or from sharing new found knowledge with other experts attending the conference while socializing.

Of course, all that knowledge you get from reading and listening is of no use if it remains all in your head. Experience is still the best teacher. If you want to learn about SEO start dabbling with it on a test site. You can start by trying to optimize your blog. If you have a business blog you might want professionals to handle its SEO so as to not waste time. However, if you do not need results that fast and learning is greater import to you then you can dabble with that. If not, then stick to your personal blog. Keep on practising and experiment with various techniques. Launch several blogs/sites and see which one performs the best. In the end you will not only get to put what you learn to practice but will learn BY practising.

Originally posted on December 22, 2007 @ 3:23 pm