Learning SEO: Official Search Engine Blogs Part 2

Yahoo Blogs Yahoo! Search Blog – This is Yahoo’s main blog for people interested in search. The blog dishes out information of all kinds from useful stuff like a recap of topics discussed during the last WebmasterWorld’s Pubcon in Las Vegas to sillier but fun stuff like search data on Rudolph versus Dancer and Dasher. Great resource for getting the latest scoop on Yahoo. Yahoo! Search Marketing Blog – This blog is obviously for those interested in search marketing. Pretty much the equivalent of Google’s Inside Adwords but of course focused on Yahoo’s advertisers. Lots of tips and news/announcements. Yahoo! Publisher Network Blog – Yahoo’s ultimate resource for publishers. Again lots of tips and and useful links here. News/announcement are published here are usually mirrored in the Search Marketing Blog though. Ask Blog Ask doesn’t have a blog specifically dedicated to SEO but Ask’s official blog does sometimes contain stuff of interest. However, more often than not the blog contains news about Ask and little information that will help you become proficient in SEO. However, since Ask is one of the major search engines nowadays it is still wise to keep an eye out for new developments that might affect your website’s ranking in the search engine and occassionally checking their blog is the fastest and easiest way to do that.

Originally posted on December 26, 2007 @ 4:17 am