Learning SEO: Where to Look (Books and Blogs)

SEO is a hot hot topic. There are plenty of resources to help people learn more about SEO and even more people who are eager to learn about it. So how do you go about learning more about SEO? How do you educate yourself? What is the best kind of SEO resource? In the days before the internet era the answer would have been simple – books. Reference books were the ultimate source of knowledge, aside from experience that is. But not that the internet has made available a vast resource of usually more updated knowledge are books still relevant? The truth is that yes they are. Books on SEO are still a pretty good place to start learning about SEO. However, most books are best only for the basics of SEO. One of the most popular SEO books is of course Aaron Wall’s SEO Book. If you wish to invest on a book I recommend that you read Aaron Wall’s ebook. Of course if you wish to read it on paper you will need to have it printed out. Although Aaron’s Wall is a pretty good learning resource though everyone who’s really into SEO knows that in the long run it is more beneficial to subscribe to blogs about SEO. Books are good for starters but the more you learn the more you will find yourself relying on blogs. SEO blogs are after all more frequently updated so that every new development gets published almost immediately in blogs. This means that you can immediately adjust your strategy or simply try out new things as soon as you read about them in the SEO blogs.

Originally posted on December 21, 2007 @ 11:21 pm