Joining Memes: Link Love and Traffic

Memes are one of the easiest and least expensive ways of getting traffic to your blog FAST. Sure paid advertising will get you in the front page of SERPs quickly but you will need to fork out some money each time someone clicks on the ad. Don’t get me wrong. Paid listings are great and is perfect for business blogs. But if your budget is really small or non-existent, or you just love being a cheapskate, like I am, then memes might do it for you.

Memes are really simply to join. generally the only thing required is for you to simply add all the meme participants on your blogroll and to post whatever code they require you to. Of course you also need to post a photo, or list, or your answers related to whatever the meme theme is. There are some memes without themes that require nothing but a certain structure and has set rules like Thursday Thirteen wherein all you need to do is simply list down thirteen entries each Thursday.

What’s great about memes is that it is a form of mass commensalism (although I don’t think there really is such a term) between bloggers. Everyone that participates in memes benefits. Participants get to have their links scattered all over the net, since everyone is on everyone else’s blogroll, and they also get an increase in traffic each day that the memes posted. Even more important, if you have a really good blog, it isn’t uncommon for participants to end up subscribing to each other’s blogs.

For meme ideas you visit The Daily Meme where you’ll find memes for each day of the week as well as monthly memes.

Originally posted on September 20, 2007 @ 11:26 pm