Number of Links: How Much is Just Right?

When it comes to inbound links the rule we all know that the more we get the merrier SEOs will be. Of course that’s assuming that the inbound links are quality/relevant links. We don’t want links from flagged sites (spammers). When it comes to the number of links you should insert per blog entry do you have a rule? For those who do not know how much they should link out to other sites here are a few tips that might be of help to you.

    1. Link whenever needed – This means that there is no magic number. You should only link when you think your reader will benefit from the link. You do not want your blog post to look like one big link. Because of this you should minimise linking unnecessarily. 2. Don’t link to popular sites – What? For popular sites like Wikipedia or Google you actually do not need to provide a link. There’s nothing wrong about linking out to these sites but it is just not really needed. However, if you are referring to a particular article in Wikipedia or wish to point to a certain section in Google’s help pages then do provide a link. 3. Link whenever you quote – Citing someone’s blog/website as a reference is good blogging etiquette but it is even better to provide a link to that blog/site. You want others to do this if they do quote from your blog post right? This is just a plain case of doing unto others what you want them to do to you.

Originally posted on June 7, 2008 @ 10:34 am