SEO and PR

Lee Odden wrote a very interesting post on SEO for Public Relations. Here’s a summary of the important points of the post. 1. People also search for information using news search, which means that we should also the document. 4. Mentioning a keyword/phrase 2-4 times in a 500-word press release is enough. 5. Ranking for competitor names is not a good strategy. It would be better to focus on your own keywords and brand and thus offer something of real value to your users. 6. Use meta keywords and descriptions. 7. Write for your users not search engines. Do your best to incorporate SEO best practices but if it conflicts with journalism best practices stick with pleasing the user not the search engine. 8. In case of bad PR all you can do is build links for news articles that have a positive tone. Hopefully the positive article will eventually rank better than the negative one.

Originally posted on February 19, 2008 @ 11:26 pm