Blog Marketing and Marketability

Company blogs and blogger-produced ads have become a common marketing method. Blogs are everywhere and has such a far reach that not utilizing its potential as a marketing tool doesn’t make much sense – unless your target audience is strictly offline (and right now I can’t think of any target audience that with no online presence at all). The problem with blog marketing though is that the blog itself has to be packaged correctly so that the blog itself will be marketable. As I mentioned in some of my first few posts here on BlogTutorials (Marketing Your Blog: The 4 Ps – Product, Pricing and Placement, Promotion), the blog, which is used to promote products and services in turn is a form of product. This is why those who use blogs as a marketing tool should always consider the blog’s marketability before launching a blog as a part of its marketing campaign. To determine the blog’s marketability you should consider the blog’s topic (please read my post on “What Should I (Not) Write About: Topics in an Oversaturated Market“) and the profile of your customers. While it is true that the blog has a great potential as a marketing tool you have to realize that there are instances that it will not succeed or at least make that big a difference in your overall marketing campaign. In many cases though, even if it should make a huge difference, it still does not due to the lack of the blog’s marketability. So make sure that if you use blogs as a marketing tool the blog you come up with is marketable as well.

Originally posted on January 20, 2008 @ 4:29 am