The Slow but Steady Route to Blog Success

The wisdom in the saying that true success comes slowly but steadily is seen in developing and maintaining a blog. The often-offered shortcuts produce temporary results at best and damaging effects at worse. A blog site stands to benefit more from a carefully thought-out SEO campaign than any other marketing strategies combined. Comprehensive SEO campaigns provide careful attention to both the technical and content aspects of blogs. There are no questionable strategies involved to get top ranking without due merit. Desired viewership is obtained because search engines and users themselves say so. Do not be misled by “SEO experts” who stuff your site articles with top ranking keywords even when there is no clear relation between these words and what your site is offering. There is only so much times that a word can be repeated in an article without being categorized as manipulative and misleading. The moment the insertion of a keyword fail to make sense in a sentence or a paragraph, there is every reason to believe that SEO manipulation is being attempted. Keyword stuffing is penalized by search engines, sometimes so severely as to totally disqualify offending sites from future searches. The use of popular keywords must make sense and the article itself must provide value through correct information. Bloggers can make use of as many related keywords so as not to sound redundant in their articles. Blog success is admittedly an enviable position in the online environment. It can spell clout and influence on readers and customers which then translates to income or loyalty whichever is applicable. Ethical search engine optimization techniques can work wonders for a blog when handled correctly. While it is not able to offer instantaneous results, it can provide a slow but steady route to achieving blog success.

Originally posted on January 17, 2012 @ 1:47 am