Blog Monetization Trends and How You Can Duplicate These 1: Philippine Blogosphere

In our world where the trickle of cents could translate to dollars, there are so many tips, tricks and strategies in order to get traffic to your site to keep those adsense credits coming. There are SEO tricks that are clean, and there are those that are downright “black hat”. I’ve been bloghopping over the weekend and I did notice a couple of patterns for blogs or websites to be successful with pulling in traffic. Here are the top three reasons why they earn:

  • They provide relevant and crucial knowledge and resources.
  • They provide addictive entertainment.
  • They give value to the readers/visitors.

The adsense-earners on the Philippine Blogosphere, for instance, are those that have something to do with money. Because the Filipino is always looking for ways and means to earn more, it is no surprise that the most visited and possibly most searched-for sites are those that have something to do with earning more money. I got this observation when I bumped into this enterprising kid’s blog in my search for resources with which to guide my parents on how to use Unionbank’s EON Card with their PayPal Account. Another trend is that song lyrics and entertainment seem to be raking in the big bucks. According to this blog post by Marghil Macuha, he found a forum post where a certain website owner had claimed to rake in $19,000++ a month. It turns out that the site was made of HTML codes for reposting mp3 songs and the lyrics to these songs. Another income earner, I believe, would be this quirky blog about an intellectually-endowed Filipina domestic helper. The owner did not even need to put so many obscene AdSense blocks on his/her site, like I do. All he/she needed to do was to keep one inconspicuous block up on the top right area, and keep the crazy, hilarious posts coming, and he/she must be getting quite much for AdSense. :p If you want to learn how to monetize like they do, then do these:

  • If you have a target audience, match your blog’s theme and content to your target area.
  • Network with fellow bloggers, with bloggers who have the same interests and who are blogging about the same niches you are targeting.
  • Keep focused on your targets, your theme, and your niches. If you want to diversify, build another blog. BlogniInday, for instance, will never work when she would start dishing out tips on how to make money online. I’m all for categorization. If Froodee can hack it mish-moshed like that, I think a little diversity would be fine. But in general, I’m all for focus.

On the whole, when you surf, just keep your eyes open and your mind alert. You may never know when you’ve bumped into an idea that will improve the way you blog, exponentially. 🙂 Inspired by Kirbitz,, Yuga of and the Pinoy blog community. 😉

Originally posted on December 25, 2007 @ 7:47 pm