First Things First

Blog monetization is an extremely interesting aspect of blogging because it is a way of making your writing efforts profitable.  Before you go to that part, you need to do what comes prior to that.  Build your site or your blog first before anything else.

Choose a niche or make your own mark in a general interest blog.  Topics of general interest such as politics or show business gossip tend to attract a wide range of viewership and readership thus we will notice the proliferation of sites and blogs tackling these topics.  To be able to rise above the rest, contents will have to be more worthy of attention.  This can be achieved primarily through unique and current articles and a site that is easy to navigate.

Niche blogs have smaller markets but customer potential can be as high because of the relative オンライン カジノ concentration of searchers looking for specific information.  A computer user who visits a niche site can be safely presumed to be a prospective customer because topics, products or services are identified.  Compared to general sites which may comprise of more misses than hits, niche sites are quite clear as to what they are offering.

Development of your blog’s strength is a required preparation for obtaining a steady stream of traffic.  Use your knowledge, expertise, and experience to give your blog its needed advantage.  Don’t hold back on useful information because you are developing your own site or blog.  Prospects for blog monetization are magnetized by sites enjoying considerable traffic.  You may need to solicit ads at the beginning while your site or blog is unknown.  Everything becomes a lot easier when you have an audience to speak of.

Originally posted on November 30, 2011 @ 1:18 am