How to Attract Direct Advertisers to Your Blog

Being able to successfully monetize a blog is one of the most desired goals for bloggers. Although a true-blue blogger will write and maintain a site for the love of writing, it is always a good thing to have the option of earning. Accepting ads from direct advertisers is a common way of doing it but it has to be noted that not all blogs will be able to attract such beneficial attention.


Create a Quality Blog

Sites must be able to offer quality through its contents. There are different parameters of determining how good a blog is but for purposes of direct advertisers,a good blog must have quality content posted on a regular basis. A necessary component of quality content is providing correct information in consideration of the correct usage of the language chosen to be used.

Create a User-Friendly Blog

Aside from providing quality content, a blog must be a place which users enjoy visiting. It must encourage readers to stay and linger since advertisers will be concerned with the actual exposure of their messages to target readers. This will require blogs to be pleasing to the eye, easy to navigate, and can lead them to related links that are actually useful.

Create a Blog that Commands Authority

Direct advertisers would prefer to place their ads in blogs that command respect and authority. It is not quite difficult to understand that advertisers are paying to have good exposure and that includes being connected to authoritative blogs. The higher the authority of the blog, the higher the price it can command from advertisers because of the expected reach.

Create a Blog that Interacts with the Public

A blog that is able to manifest that it is very active in its relation with its readers is looked upon favorably by advertisers. The existing goodwill between a blog and its readers is really a good foundation for any marketing effort. Advertisers are very much aware of the advantage of using it.

Show Advertisers the Way

Blogs should make it known that they do accept ad placements. Blog owners can make it a lot easier for advertisers to contact them by providing an “Advertise With Us” Page. This can contain all pertinent contact information as well as the ad offerings of the blog. Sample layouts can be provided so as to give advertisers an idea of what to expect.

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Originally posted on July 11, 2013 @ 10:28 am