Making Money Through Speaking/Consulting

I find it funny that people include “speaking gigs/engagements” and “consulting” as one of the ways to monetize your blog. I do understand that in some cases blogs help boost a person’s reputation in their field of expertise to the point that they get more invitations to speak in various engagements – and get paid for it. However, strictly speaking it does not fall under blog monetization since you didn’t really make money from blogging. In my opinion it does fall under online marketing though; with you, the blogger/speaker, as the product being “sold”. The truth though is that I do know that in any case, whatever it is called, what matters is getting results (measured in the amount of money you make in this case). If you aim to make more money through speaking gigs and find that blogging works for you in terms of building your rep and getting more clients, then go ahead and capitalize on your assets! Fair warning to those who might fall in the trap of thinking that they will eventually become popular guest speakers in events soon just because they blog: It takes more than just a regularly updated blog to get to where the gurus are. As always it takes real expertise in their field and good speaking skills. I know some are boring speakers but you’ll notice that it is the good speakers that get asked back repeatedly and are in greater demand. So if you want to make money this way start WORKING your way to becoming an expert, and believe me no one becomes one without dedication.

Originally posted on December 30, 2009 @ 4:32 pm