My {Dummy} Elementary Analysis on the Google Ad System :p

Warning, this is a Dummy(GeekGurl)’s elementary analysis of the Google Ads system. Feel free to correct me. :p

Of my favorite things about Google, it must be the Google Ads system that made me most impressed about Google as a company.

Though Yahoo has Yahoo! Search Marketing, it has never approached the relevance and the importance of Google AdSense in the field of Search Engine Marketing.

Through Google AdSense, Internet Marketers were able to gain a passive income stream that augments their online income. In fact, it had become the bread and butter for some other Internet Marketers.

With Google AdSense comes Google AdWords. AdWords, though not as popular as AdSense, fuels the system by allowing website owners to broadcast their links through search engine advertising.

Not entirely new to y’all, but this revolutionary innovation of Google had become the cornerstone for online advertising. As 2007 draws to a close, it amazes me how the Google Ads system had changed the face of affiliate marketing and online advertising as a whole.

With the text-based ads that aid search engine marketing and search engine optimization, Google AdSense and Google AdWords set the trend for ads because the keyword linking with the search engine results are so intertwined that search engine optimization is all the more made efficient.

Though admittedly Yahoo’s image-based ads are far more attractive to viewers and more likely to be clicked on than Google’s word-based system, Google’s system definitely has the keyword advantage down pat because the more visits a site gets, the more it goes up on Google’s results. So with the synergy of the Google algorithm with its ad system, it’s win-win for the AdSense publisher, the AdWords advertiser, and for both parties who use websites.

But then that is my Dummy(GeekGurl)’s perspective. Maybe I need analysis rehab or something. :p

Originally posted on December 22, 2007 @ 3:18 pm