Blog Monetization Trends and How You Can Duplicate These 2: US and European Blog Scene

While we are on the subject of blogging trends and how you can maximize earning from your blogs, I just want to share my observations on the blogging scene in the US and Europe, as I’ve seen so far.

Locally, blogs are not regarded as an authoritative source of information. On the contrary, in the US and Europe, I noticed that blogs are fast replacing newspapers as sources of information. In my stumbling and bumbling around the Internet, I had noticed that the European websites I’ve gone to usually involved technology and downloads, and I’ve noticed that the Europeans seemed to be more concerned with political issues.

In the US scene, I’ve noticed that the blogs I bump into more are those that involve tech mudslinging between Redmond and Cupertino, among a greater diversity of blogs covering monetization, work-at-home opportunities, religion, relationships, and even DIY for housewives and for handymen.

So how can you turn these trends and observations into cash for you?

  • Google’s BlogSearch is your best friend, as well as keyword analyzers like this. Search for a niche you are interested in, and find out the statistics of your targets.
  • Market your blog to these communities by hanging out in like-minded forums and posting your blog’s URL on your signature.
  • Make social networking work for you by linking up to like-minded individuals, on, say, Jaiku or Twitter, then post links to your posts.
  • Make sure you have relevant content that will keep people coming back for more.
  • Design your blog in such a way that it encourages clicking through.
  • Update regularly, so that readers can view relevant content.
  • Besides AdSense, you can monetize your blog further with Affiliate Links and even Chitika eMini-Malls.

I believe you should emphasize the relevance of your content, because without it, readers won’t come back for more. So, target the right niche, make your blog the best on the block, monetize efficiently, and watch as your revenue shoots up. Monetization may not be easy as pie, but taking time to look at trends, figuring out what would work for you and your blog, and then making sure that you provide relevant and meaty content and updating it would turn out to make all these efforts absolutely worth it. 🙂

Originally posted on December 30, 2007 @ 11:52 am