Blogging, Blogging and more Blogging

Procrastination is a common problem of all people, in particular, bloggers. Sometimes, we get lost in our research and end up surfing the net for things that are totally unrelated to what we’re supposed to write about. Other times, we just put off writing altogether.

I have been hiding on my apartment for about a week now. You want to know why? Because I’m cramming to meet my blog deadlines, and it’s all my fault because I have been procrastinating, slacking, bumming and whatever you would like to call it. And now I’ve learned my lesson. I will NOT PROCRASTINATE any more, I will do my tasks on the assigned dates and do it vigilantly and stick to that battle plan. Blogging stress and Procrastinating are the killers of social life (hahaha!)

Power Quotes that helped me in this one week spectacle of blogging madness and creativity overload.

My Mantra–

“Working is good for my Health” — ( kept saying this for about 100 times)
“I love My Job”
“I love Coffee”
“I Love Blogging”
“I Love Melon Pie”
“I’m the Master Lurker… the Ultimate BackPacker… I’m the Blog Ninja”

Originally posted on February 27, 2008 @ 10:31 pm