Blogging Indefinitely

Tips on how you can blog longer

Now it’s hard to maintain the level of competency in blogging, at some point you’re doing this great post, but on the next week you’d been posting dull articles or not even posting at all. Ideas run up and sometimes get exhausted, so here are tips to keep you blogging for a lifetime, blog indefinitely, and to be able to blog longer and have fun doing it.

Keep it simple and small, yet fascinating
Ok it’s best to start to blog small and simple. Don’t start with a view from the top and work your way down it doesn’t work that way. What you need to do is start small, at the bottom then work your way to the top as blog becomes bigger and your topics diverse.

Make blogging enjoyable by blogging about what you love
If you like what you are blogging about chances are you can blog about that certain topic for as long as you like. If you’re really into a certain topic, chances are you have deep knowledge on the subject matter and will have fun writing great, descriptive and helpful posts.

Set a Blogging schedule

Doing a week’s worth of blog post can wear you out so it’s best that you keep a blogging schedule and very much stick to it, follow it to the letter and also allot a free time to recharge your batteries, such as taking the weekend off from blogging or spending time with family, friends which is not related to blogging. This may cause you to miss the part of blogging which in turn would give you the fuel to make a great post.

Blogging as habit
Blog regularly to make it a habit once you get the hang of it, blogging comes easy to you that you just can’t live without it, a day may seem incomplete and you may feel lost when you aren’t able to blog. Maybe a good or a bad thing.

Make a list of ideas and topics for your blog

It’s a very good idea to keep a blog topic list or a stash of ideas, so you have ample time to think about what to write. This saves time and mental energy instead of cramming the thick skull for ideas which seem to fly away from you mind. And also if ever a sudden flow ideas pop in your head in those inconvinient times when you can’t fire up your laptop or PC, then I suggest keep a handy little notepad or a tape recorder, so you can input ideas on the said devices or tools

Read, read, read
Read other blogs daily check out their writing style, how they write their ideas to be able to reach their readers, you can learn a lot form other bloggers simply by just reading at their post. Plus it will encourage you to do well on your blog too. Also read the comments on your blog, if you ever you get a bad comment or got criticized for something you posted you it to better yourself and your blog. Use negative comments, as your “blogging fuel”.

Blog for the people
Blog for the people, blog about what they want to read and blog to help your readers. Give solutions to problems, give the reader what they want. And also add media to your blog. Don’t be confined to a 2-dimensional blog, make it unpredictable, add media, like pictures, video, etc, to make it appealing as well as entertaining to the readers.

Originally posted on September 10, 2007 @ 12:16 pm