How to be a better Blogger

The Do’s and Dont’s to be a Better Blogger

  • Do — Write What the Readers Want
  • Your main topic, article or posts should always be focused on what the readers would want to read it should be helpful to them like How to Have the Perfect Body, How To Make Lots of Money Online, How to make an Award-Winning Resume, that my friends would mean that you would always think of ways on how you would help the readers, and give them to solutions to everyday problems.

  • Don’t — Write What the Readers Don’t Want
  • The exact opposite of what I said above, the more you write about stuff that is irrelevant to what the readers want, just remember to always stay true to your goal ( your topic at hand) and never sway, don’t always write about the stuff you like but keep the flow by making your article fit your readers taste, by providing useful information to them.

  • Do — Communicate with Your Readers
  • Answer your Readers comments at your post or site, they provide valuable information. I know it’s impossible to answer all the comments your readers leave if your already racking up lots of readers, but for small, startup blogs, treat every reader/commentor as a king or queen. Communicate with your readers by letting them join a discussion via comments, and start by asking them question on your blog post. Also remember to listen to their complaints, don’t be offended. Your Reader’s complaints are clues to help you make your blog better.

  • Don’t — Annoy your Readers
  • This is a no-no, Don’t annoy your readers with whole lots of ads, lots of subscription buttons, irrelevant topics, or a page that’s just screaming “money-making”. If possible make your blog adapt a minimalist design that less ads, simple navigation, easy to see buttons, and links to related posts. Also your sidebar or any accessible part of your page, have links of your popular, recent and related post.

    Originally posted on September 17, 2007 @ 12:19 pm