Do You Blog At Work?

Pretend that no one will ever know what you answer to this question is. In fact, you do not have to pretend as you could just answer in your mind. Do you blog at work? I suppose that a lot of us do, whether or not we admit it. If you are as passionate about blogging as many people are out there, you would probably get the urge to jot down a post or two while at the work place every now and then. My next question then is this: Is blogging at work wrong? I honestly do not think so. That is, unless you are blogging about company information that is not supposed to be released to the whole world. If that is the case, then even if you blog at home – or anywhere else – it wouldn’t matter. You would still be in the wrong. Another point would be if you were blogging at work and it is explicitly stated in your company handbook that blogging (of any form) is not allowed. In this case, then yes, you would be in trouble if you were to blog at work – even if you were merely blogging about something as inane as your commute to work in the morning. So is this really an issue? The way that I see it, blogging should not be a secretive activity. If you are passionate about it and you want the whole world to know about your passionate, then go ahead and do so. Just do not carry on with your activities if you are aware that it is not the right thing to do in the work place. It is quite simple in my mind. What do you think?

Originally posted on December 7, 2007 @ 4:07 pm