Hello Blog-Tutorials!

AnimaniacsHello-o-o, Blog-Tutorials.com!

(Imagine me say “hello-o-o-o” like the Warners in Animaniacs. :p)

Well, hello readers and fellow bloggers, anyway. 🙂

I’m DummyGeekGurl on Gazooki, and the former Diva in Non-Havaianas Rubber Slippers up on Froodee. Though the admin truncated my name up on the links list as just “Diva.” I’m now posting as myself on Froodee. 🙂

I had been longing, for such a long time, to get into this blog. And now I have. The heavens have surely opened up!
But back to the word “diva”. It kind of makes me feel like I’m a Malu Fernandez hack, which, my personality is far from it, though the waistline might be a deadringer for Malu’s. Though my friends may protest that she’s so much more hate-able, I still say she has the one of the creamiest skin specimens around.. At least in photos anyway. Airbrushed?

If you don’t know the lady, she’s the prime example of how powerful blogging is. Because of her article that People Asia had published, the blogging citizenry of my country had risen up in virtual arms, and lynched her online. If we could burn effigies on the world wide web, they probably would have. I threw in my nasty comments here and there too, I must admit. Though I was pretty ambivalent towards the matter, because:

  • I am also fat.
  • I am also a bitch.
  • There are better things to do with your time than lynch a Diva.

I sincerely regret naming myself Diva on Froodee, because:

  • I think I’m humble. (Not to mention delusional. :p)
  • I am my own nanny.
  • I know how to clean up after myself.
  • I happen to need rehab for street food addiction.

Which reminds me. I need rehab for nearly everything. Save for those which need snorting up your nose, sticking a needle up your arm or chasing some smoky dragons or whatever. I happen to prize my brain, thank you.

Now, enough of the intro, and on to the article. :p

BloggurlNeedzRehab’s Insights on the Different Methods of How Blogging is Used

It seems funny to me now, how, when I started being a blogger, I never thought it would go beyond the personal journal thing. I always thought it would stop at that. Never did I realize that I would find me in the eye of a whirling mass of blogosphere clouds.

Here is my take on the main ways blogging is being used today.

Personal Blogging:

  • Journal or Diary Blog
  • As part of a Community
  • To reach out to others: provide emotional and spiritual support
  • To post memes on
  • To try to destroy someone.

I am serious on point #5. Let me make it clear that I am totally not advocating destructive blogging. But after having been the target of some destructive kid’s anger and then having my experience echoed by a similar story, on a morbid, shocking scale, as told by Jay Gotera, up on Froodee, I believe that some bloggers do have this evil intent with making some of their blogs. Though let me make it clear that the medium was MySpace. The girl Jay Gotera talked about was harassed directly, though I was harassed through my nemesis’ personal blogs and digg and technorati bookmarks. Oh well.

Let us leave that can of worms where it’s best left: 6 feet under. :p

Now on to the commercial side of blogging.

Professional or Business Blogging:

  • To promote a business, a product or a service
  • To monetize through AdSense and Affiliate Marketing
  • To showcase a portfolio
  • An artist, speaker, politician or any other celebrity’s updates
  • The emerging news hub of the post-millenium era.

I think I have been on enough sides of the blogging snow globe to have realized that the possibilities to a blog’s use are endless. I’ve been making posts for an ad blog disguised as a girl’s personal vanity blog, I’m on SplashPress blogs, writing as myself, I’ve been on a software blog other than Gadzooki’s, a ghost-blogger, and my nearly daily fare for my main daily bread source is volumes upon volumes of information on Affiliate Marketing and blogging for profit. I know lots in theory through my work, but I haven’t put them to practice yet. And I am excited to.

I am most fascinated about how the blog medium transformed from a personal venture into that of the news hub. Take for example, ZDNet blogs. You cannot be all the more up-to-date on Silicon Valley and Redmond without their presence on the blogosphere. Though I don’t see it coming yet, I believe blogs will inch out conventional print media soon enough.

On a personal level, blogging is pretty much entwined in my psyche. As a girl who gets tremors from being away from the keyboard for so long, I have to admit that the very thing that feeds me is also the very thing that is my source of therapy. I blog to release tension and hurts, I blog to inform people I’m still alive, else, I blog to share my cockamamie theories.

On Multiply.com, my church family has found a place, not only to sow our beliefs upon, but also to give love and support for our churchmates who are going through tough times. I have also seen excellent blogs whose stories and posts inspire and touch my life.

Memes are posted by people who either seem to enjoy them only too much, or who think they have nothing to say.

Strangely, even a blog with the most atrocious grammar, as long as it tells a story to which I am riveted, still manages to catch my attention. And I have to admit that I answer surveys because these help me define my current inner states.

Well, this sure seemed like a mouthful. Excuse this blogging addict, as I skip off to creating more blog posts!

Originally posted on December 6, 2007 @ 10:15 pm