Is Pay Per Post Worth It?

I have written about pay per post in the past and I am not talking only about the platform going by that name – I am referring to the practice in general. My opinion has not really changed, I still think that it is alright to engage in pay per post practices as long as you are clear about it and you let your readers know which posts are sponsored.

These days, though, it seems as if the pay per post realm is not doing so well. I have not kept it a secret that I am using some of these platforms for my personal blogs and lately, I have not been getting much work from them. One big reason is the fact that my PageRank went down several steps several times. The funny thing is that the only reason I could find for the decline in PageRank is the fact that I was (and am) doing paid posts.

So this question cropped up in my mind – is pay per post still worth it?

I have to say that as time passes by, it seems to me that it just might not be worth it. For one, the more paid posts you put up in your blog, the spammier it tends to look. This can, of course, be avoided by creative writing and inserting of keywords and links. Still, too many of these posts – and you need lots to make a considerable amount of money – is never good.

Another reason is the PageRank issue. You want PageRank, of course, but you can’t get it if you do paid posts – at least, if Google finds out. And you can’t get enough assignments if you have no or low PageRank. It’s the chicken and the egg.

If you are relying largely on paid posts for income from your blog, it might be time to rethink things. I am.

Originally posted on January 24, 2009 @ 6:38 pm