My Blogging Pet Peeves

Like anything else in life, in the blogging world, there are pet peeves. I’m sure you have them, like I do. While writing posts for this blog, I saw this comment that led to a “scraper site”. You know, those blogs that scrape content from other people because the said blog is run by some script that, as a friend told me, would create dozens of WordPress-based sites at the push of a button? How dumb. I know that all they’re in for is some AdSense bucks like me, but do they have to resort to filching my work? Yes, I know, these sites actually link back, but won’t they be as courteous as to automatically putting them up on ezinearticles, but still! *wail* Thus, I shall never post on ezinearticles again. :p And no, I won’t glorify the person by linking up to his site. :p He could at least have sent an email! I’m no scrooge about my work, but since I email the people whose work I borrow if I’m not too lazy, he could at least have sent an email! But oh well, maybe I’m just too.. Idealistic, for lack of a better word. *shrug* Well alright. Since it’s Christmas/Holiday season/New Year, I’ll link him up nonetheless and give him some link love and send possible hits his way. :p In my search for the blog in question, I also found another person who copy-pasted my work: “bri-computer” “yosh” Strangely, they reposted the exact same article. Maybe these two blogs are owned by the same guy? Well, I have no intention to dig deeper. :p Ryan Amor did not copy-paste my work, but he did link up to my posts on his own blog, and I found him when I did a Google Blog Search for the sites of those two who posted my work on their blogs. I was flattered that I was cited, actually. And this is my way of thanking him. 🙂 Well, now that I think about it, it’s actually pretty flattering to have your work filched by others. But back to my blogging pet peeves. Aside from my work being “filched,” I also despise:

  • A slow computer. I seriously need more RAM. *Cry*
  • A cluttered room. My room is in constant clutter when I have monster deadlines, so that really is a problem. I hate needing to clean up too, because it takes away the time I would have spent doing something else. Like making more money. Gah. But when I do housework, I actually enjoy it. The time element really is a bother, though.
  • Health problems. Because of my penchant for the deep fried pork from the “street restaurant” near the dormitory where I stay, and because of the smoking bondage addiction I had in the past, my arteries seemed to have hardened. So, lately, I’ve been experiencing bouts of orthostatic hypotension. And I’m really not liking it, especially right now, because I’m pretty much enjoying writing again. Wah.
  • Needing to go out to pay the bills. By now it’s clear to me. I am a blogging addict and it hit me again that I seriously need rehab for my online habits. Because I am peeved by anything that takes me away from my room and writing. Is that sick or what? :p

I have other pet peeves of course, and these are the things that irritate me the most. What about you? What are the things that peeve you in your blogging career? Merry Christmas!

Originally posted on December 25, 2007 @ 12:39 am