Using MyBlogLog And Blog Catalog

I talked about how you can use Twitter to attract more people to your blog in the previous post; people who might not even know that you exist otherwise. There are other ways by which you can gain that much needed and much desired exposure for your blog and one of them is by joining blog directories. I think that this topic has been much talked about in the past – both here at Blog Tutorials and other blogs and web sites. And this is for a reason – blog directories are very effective in helping other people discover your blog. For my personal blogs, I have joined two of the most prolific blog directories: MyBlogLog and Blog Catalog. I discovered Blog Catalog before MyBlogLog – maybe that explains my personal preference. The two sites operate on the same basic concept – you sign up to become a member and create your profile, which other people can see. The good thing is that you can add your blog, or blogs as the case may be, and people can see screen shots which are periodically refreshed. You also provide a short description of your blog – which is what you should focus on. What I like is that you can put a certain number of tags, which will place your blog under a specific category. Being able to use tags also allow people to discover your blog by searching using specific keywords. In effect, readers who are interested in your niche can find your blog more easily. And that is the beauty of these blog directories. What other blog directories do you like using?

Originally posted on February 24, 2009 @ 4:42 pm