Transparency in Writing

Transparency is such an overused term – and why not? It means so much and yet not everyone practices it. Merriam-Webster defines transparency as

“the state of being free from pretense or deceit.”

Interesting, huh? What has this got to do with writing blog entries? A lot!

Think about it, when you write for your blog (or blogs, for that matter), do your readers fully know what they are getting into? Do they know what the blog’s overall objective is or are they left wondering if there is a hidden agenda behind all the posts?

A good blog does away with hidden agendas. A good blog is all for transparency. It makes its readers aware, at the outset, why it exists and what it wants to achieve. The author or authors do not hide behind a veil of secrecy. When questions are asked, they are answered outright and without hesitation.

You may have read all about the studies early this year about more web readers trusting blogs over corporate newspapers. Why? Mainly because of the idea that blogs are more trustworthy sources of information. This is because real people are supposed to be writing real content.

As such, be as real as you can in your writing. If you are writing for a sponsor – as many bloggers do from time to time – then let your readers know. There is no harm in doing that. On the other hand, if you hide that fact and your readers somehow find out, then your readership is in danger.

Blogs are all about transparency and transparency is all about being as truthful as you can be.

How transparent are you in your writing?

Originally posted on October 18, 2007 @ 3:07 am