Ways to Get Readers

I’ve been banging my head for three days thinking of ways to get readers and or possibly let my readers tell themselves to other potential readers, now I’ve stopped banging my head because it’s hurting me. But in my opinion there’s no easy way to get readers attention if you don’t have something good to offer them. I did a series of experimental post to prove that if your post isn’t offering useful information, no matter how much you advertise it or beg others to go to your site, the maximum readers you would get maybe 3-5 readers and one of them is your mom.

To be able to draw readers to you blog it should have the following
The post (or your blog) should be able to:

  • Make the reader want to read more.
  • Grab the reader’s attention.

Now How do you do it? sure there are lots of helpful tips out there and most of those tips are so innovative, but let’s go back to the basic shall we, nothing but good old fashion writing.

  • Be Specific – Keep it Straight to the point and don’t ramble for eternity a short burst of rambling and a little bit of storytelling some times help but don’t overdo it.
  • Use a metaphor – or a funny anecdote or use humorous funny side comments, that way you ease the tension when your explaining a very technical topic, actually metaphors help give your readers a picture of what your trying to say.
  • The Truth – nothing is better and more useful than saying the truth, and giving the hard truthful facts to back it up.

Originally posted on October 19, 2007 @ 12:30 pm