What If You Hate What You Blog About?

The basic premise in blogging, I believe, is that you blog because you want to. As such, you should blog about things and topics that you actually care about. Why blog if you hate what you are blogging about? After all, who is forcing you to remain as a blogger? There are some special cases, though. Ghost blogging is not a secret. There are many people who write for blogs as professionals. They write the content for the blog owner who may not have the time or the resources to write his own entries. I find nothing wrong in this – as long as the writer is actually doing a good job. But what if this writer does not like the topic of the blog and he has no other way out? As Lorelle, in The Blog Herald, says, STOP BLOGGING. If you cannot make yourself like – or at least be interested – in the topic that you are writing about, then forget about it. Leave the job for others to do. I am sure there will be other people who can do the job. You may ask, what if I need the writing job and I don’t really want to let it go? Then you have answered the question yourself – stick to the blog but make sure that you do it justice. Just because you hate the subject of the blog does not mean that you cannot find material to come up with good content. The Internet is rife with information. It is up to you, as a researcher, to find the interesting aspects of your subject. It is up to you, as a writer, to spin the information that you find and write a good post. The choice is up to you.

Originally posted on June 9, 2011 @ 10:33 am