Where Do You Get Your Inspiration? (Part 4)

As you can see, there seems to be a limitless number of sources from which you can gather inspiration for your writing. Though I could go on and on and write post after post about this, I think I’ll stop with this last post. Perhaps in the future, we can talk more about this topic. So anyhow, where else can you find inspiration for your writing?

This could be very subjective – more than the other sources we have covered in the previous posts in this series. How so? Simply because there are some people who are not, by nature, attracted to the great outdoors. Perhaps I am fortunate in this regard as I can instantly feel refreshed and inspired the moment I set foot on an isolated stretch of beach. I feel much the same way when I go up a hill or a mountain and see the wide expanse of water or land below me. There is something about nature that makes me want to write. If you haven’t tried communing with nature to get some inspiration, maybe you should. You never know if it will affect you in the same way it affects me and countless other people.

Visit Flickr
I love this site! Aside from the fact that I can store some of my digital photos, I can view a whole lot of wonderful photos taken by other people around the world. I just marvel at the talent and the skill of some of the photographers showcasing their wares on Flickr. Sometimes, those taken by amateurs are the best. Take a look around and you will see what I mean.

Originally posted on March 12, 2008 @ 5:51 pm