Why A Good Blog Template is Crucial

Blog Templates make or break us plus aside from the fact our content, but a good blog theme is crucial.

I recently did a post on the QuickStop titled“Blogging Sarcasm” and the number 2 of my list is this :

2. Pick the most weirdest templates with the weirdest colors or better yet make your own “Weird” blog template, less experience you have the better.

Yes that was a joke, I was just try to make fun. After all blogging is supposed to be fun.. right?
But to redeem myself, I’m telling you that a good blog template is crucial, a well designed blog incorporates simplicity and readability and still retains professionalism. May it be a personal blog or a business blog. A natural thing keep reading the articles that is focused on readability. Check out some blogs and take a look at the design, the more simple the design of the blog is the more your readers will focus on reading. I really liked the post on CodeSlack “Why Blog Templates are very Important.

Which tell us to make great use of these factors :

1. Content Area Width – getting that 2 column design was neat, wide enough for the words to flow through on the left content area and enough to get a sidebar running on the right. Since we in general read from left to right, it gets us enough time and less eye stress due to it let us stay on a line long enough before moving to another one.
2. Fontography / Font Size – Notice how it made best use of font sizes on different sections, since primarily it only had four parts (the header, the blog post title, the sidebar header, the paragraphs). Sizes we’re proportion enough for each part to serve it’s purpose.
3. Horizontal Rule – A must particularly when it’s colored properly. This gives enough quick shot on the readers eye that, “hey! comes after this line is another section”
4. Better use of WhiteSpaces and Line Height – Less cluttered text, much readable
5. Limited and Maximized use of Images – I only counted one, the gradient header. I ain’t counting the images on the sidebar as it’s not design related images.

Here are 30 Dark Designs that you can use as basis or inspiration for your “dream blog template”

Originally posted on October 30, 2007 @ 7:38 am