Year’s End: Time For Blog Cleaning

2007 is coming to an end and right now 2008 is coming Happy new year to all of us. Now maybe a right time to do some cleaning up and do some trimming down and de-cluttering of your blog. Here are tips to help get started.

What we can do is Repackaging Old but Popular Posts as I’ve posted on the article I’ve written What to do With Old Posts so instead of letting it sit on your archives why not highlight for another dose of blog stardom. Also We can find and maybe “bury” our very old and outdated post. We can remove some of the articles which may seem relevant at that time but now may seem a bit foolish but heck better yet for record purposes try to back it up. Dump your old affiliate ads which are not doing anything but just clutter up your blog and cramp your style and look for a newer yet hard hitting affiliate ad. Time to do away with the old and giving way to changes, positive changes that is and start the year with a simple blog design. Which may have an impact on your blogging output.

And most all we have to set new blogging goals for this year 2008, a new and attainable blog goal and stick to it. Happy New Year! And have a pleasant new blogging year!

Originally posted on December 31, 2007 @ 10:00 am