Writing blog entries for fun

More often than not, April Fool’s is when bloggers have a lot of fun on their blogs. They experiment with topics or writing styles so that they could fool their readers. Maybe you have done that before, maybe not. But there are fun things you could do: Play around with words. Some people write a […]

Writers’ block dragging you down?

Every once in a while people experience what is called the writers’ block. Tough life, isn’t it? But it does happen. Have you had one yourself? If not, good for you. But if you have, how did you deal with it? Some things to help you get writing when suffering from the so-called writers’ block: […]

Movies and blogging

A lot of people like movies. Maybe you like them too. When it comes to blogging, you could see some blogs that talk about movies all the time. There are formal movie reviews. There are common elements in these movie reviews like specific information: title of the movie release date of the movie movie producer/s […]

Blogging about something close to your heart

What are your reasons to start blogging? Is it to let out your frsutrations in life? Is it to show the world your different experiments in writing or photography or anything? In any case, these are things that are quite personal. You do not have to worry too much about getting material for your blog. […]

Using images on your blog

What kind of blog do you have? Is it a journal of your day to day activities? Do you use your blog for marketing purposes? Whatever kind of blog it is, do you think about its aesthetic appeal? Reading various materials on the computer screen has effects on the eyes and also the person viewing […]

Regular frequency in posting blog entries

Blogs are more or less the chronicles of an individual or even a collective. Sometimes people just stumble upon our respective blogs. Don’t you feel good when you have some comments? Especially from readers who say that they read your blog regularly. In any case, regularly posted blog entries are not so bad. It is, […]