Gender Classification in Blogging

Though no one has noticed it, but bloggers often refer to male writers who can write about any topic that they would wish. Normally, there is no distinction on for gender preferences, but females who blog are tagged something else and not bloggers too. Female bloggers are referred to as Bloggerettes. A lot of the […]

Blogging for Long Term Goals

Any person who would take up blogging is on the right track for a good blog career if he would choose to do so. Blogging is not purely for having an outlet in spare times when they access the web. It can also be considered a sort of resort for people who can practice their […]

Using the Best Blog Post Excerpts

The front page representation of most blog sites would depend largely on the preference of the person in charge for the blog. In most cases, a few lines or excerpts from the actual blog entry would be used since people can get a good overview of what the entry is all about. For this manner […]

Blog First, Think of Earnings Later

If there is one obvious thing that gets people to blog is the fact of reading various articles that blogging can help residual income to people whom have taken up the practice professionally and full-time. While this is true, this should not be the immediate purpose since doing so will only pressure and produce useless […]

Remember to Spell Check Your Blog

If there is one aspect about writing that should be given attention as well, it is that of ensuring that all words utilized are properly spelled and are used in the proper tense for people to easily understand the message contained in the blog entry. For people who are new to blogging, some will normally […]

First Thing to Blog

For start-up and newbie bloggers, it would be best to define what the blog is all about. In the same way, it would be a good thing to make the first post to be something that would tell something about the purpose of the blog and what to expect as far as posts and related […]